In early 2017 I was living in a suburban Connecticut neighborhood, surrounded by hardworking neighbors who went to work every day as school lunch ladies, contractors, and maintenance men. Most of them just nodded their heads when I told them, “I work from home editing a couple of magazines.” (No one ever knows what an editor does.) But then I sold my house, moved to Vermont with my partner, and suddenly found myself surrounded by like-minded people in a town that was home to people of all kinds–including a lot of creatives and artists–who had prioritized their lifestyles above all else.

Suddenly, the ambivalence I felt about climbing the corporate ladder didn’t seem so strange. There were people like me everywhere I turned. Then we moved again, this time to a tiny cottage on a pond in rural Connecticut. It was supposed to be a temporary pit-stop on our way to something else. But as the questions about what that “something else” was loomed, I thought more and more about what I wanted our lives to look like, and how to make it happen.

So, I did what writers do… I started writing about all the thoughts and ideas I had about building a better life. I’m working on a book–a long process–but in the meantime, I decided to start spreading the word about leaning back, chilling out, changing expectations, and changing your life.

I want to start a revolution–a really quiet one, filled with people who just want to lead simple, joy filled lives. Follow the blog, sign up for the monthly newsletter, and start learning how to change your life in small but significant ways.