Get Your ‘Nature Fix’

There is little I value more than the ability to be in nature. I am not a city girl. I tried it. It wasn’t for me. So when Brian and I moved to Vermont in 2017, I was in heaven. We could walk outside, stand on the sidewalk and see a mountain. We could turn one way down the street and be in our tiny downtown area, sipping a beer with old-timey Vermonters at the pub, or head in the other direction and be on a network of trails within minutes. Or, we could hop in the car, drive across the Connecticut River to New Hampshire, and talk a long meandering hike through Pisgah State Forest. In fact, it was one of the first things we did when we got to Vermont.

Whatever is going on in your life at the moment, nature has a way of healing many ills. Florence Williams wrote a whole book about it. In The Nature Fix, Williams tells us how quickly being in nature can change our physical and mental well-being–something poets and painters and outdoors enthusiasts have known for centuries.

If your life has you feeling stressed, head out to woods — or even just your local park — and take a bath in nature.


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